MAT120-Laura Roy

P1: Stream of Consciousness


D4: 10 Video Files Posted to Digital Sketchook

1 Close up of a woman statue by ATWStock

2 Statue of Julius Caesar by doctor-graphics

3 Mermaid Statue On The Stone In Sea At Sunset by Grey_Coast_Media

4 Stairs to Heaven by Handrox-G

5 Cloud by Pro-Stock

6 Fjord with Dark Storm Clouds by icetray

Rome, Italy: Capitoline Museums (Rick Steves’ Europe)
15 Craziest Statues Ever Built (American Eye)
La Galerie des Sculptures et des Moulages (Château de Versailles)

D3: 10 Audio Files Posted to Digital Sketchbook

HUMAN BREATH Female Aroused Intense 01 by SmartSoundFX
Epic Beat by Bransboynd
Inspirational & Emotional Epic Cinematic by MusicalSmile
Dramatic Trailer by Anuch
Brazil Beach by simming

Audio Recordings of Script

What is the philosophy of sin outside of religion?
Humans are messy (whisper)
Focused instead on the relief of human suffering

Videos to Sample

CREDIT: Hurts, an electronic pop band featuring vocalist Theo Hutchcraft and multi-instrumentalist and producer Adam Anderson

CREDIT: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

D2: First Draft Digital Sketchbook

Single red apple isolated on white background by Yakov_Oskanov
Single red apple isolated on white background by Yakov_Oskanov
Rainy Day
A purple umbrella by twenty20photos

red apple and circle of apple by nblxer
Happy people and sunset by twenty20photos
Silhouette of happy people which playing on the beach at the sun by altanaka
Group of happy people at bar counter by FlamingoImages
Milky Way and silhouette of happy people by den-belitsky
The cross on the hill by serbogachuk
Silver cross in the hand with focus on the cross by Vladdeep
Lonely priest on mountains by twenty20photos
hand of a poker dealer by shotsstudio
Little messy eater by Grey_Coast_Media
Messy color palette with brushes by Rawpixel
Woman with Messy Bedroom Hair by jacoblund